2024 Inductees

Patricia Davis-Lemessy, Ph.D.

Engineering Fellow
Cordis Corporation

4 U.S. Patents

Patricia Davis-Lemessy, Ph.D. is an Engineering Fellow at Cordis Corporation, a leading global entity in cardiovascular devices, where she developed novel polymers that address the characteristics required to conduct coronary angioplasty on blocked coronary arteries.

A global expert in polymer science, Dr. Davis-Lemessy has over 34 years of experience in biomedical engineering. Her pioneering research and technical leadership have significantly advanced medical implant disciplines, including angioplasty catheters, ocular implants, tendon implants, hip prostheses, and controlled drug delivery. Dr. Davis-Lemessy’s contributions have substantially shaped the medical device design and manufacturing industry and continue to drive advancements in device development to better serve patients worldwide. Moreover, her patents have been leveraged by international companies (including ACS, Cordis Corp., and Cardinal Health) with global distribution networks.

Prior to her tenure at Cordis, Dr. Davis-Lemessy made groundbreaking contributions to the medical device design and manufacturing industry at W.L. Gore & Associates, Boston Scientific Corporation, Guidant Corporation, ACS, Merit Medical Systems, and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.

Additionally, Dr. Davis-Lemessy has published over 100 journal articles and is the author of several children’s books, including “Positive Affirmations for the Black Child” under the pen name of Patsy Clarke. Throughout her career, Dr. Davis-Lemessy has mentored aspiring engineers and served underrepresented populations in STEM. Her commitment to service and mentorship earned her the E. Stuart Eichert, Jr. Student Award for Selfless Service to the University and Community.

Dr. Davis-Lemessy completed her Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut and her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was recognized with the “Ivy League Champion in Track and Field” award.