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Innovator Spotlight: Dr. Shin-Tson Wu — From 2014 Inductee to UCF’s Inaugural Medal of Societal Impact
March 29, 2024
In our ongoing quest to celebrate the groundbreakers of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame, we are honored to turn the spotlight to one of our 2014 inaugural inductees, Dr. Shin-Tson Wu. Dr. Wu was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his remarkable work in liquid crystal research and his resulting patent portfolio for next-generation liquid crystal displays (LCDs), adaptive optics, laser beam steering, and new photonic materials, all of which have had a significant impact on display technology worldwide. Perhaps his most significant development to date is the mixed-mode twisted nematic LC cell, which is integral to high-resolution, high-brightness reflective LCDs, including direct-view and projection types. In other words, the screen you’re most likely using to read this article contains Dr. Wu’s groundbreaking contribution, the LCD.

Innovator Spotlight: Dr. Robert Cade – Inventor of Gatorade and Shaper of the American Patent Law
February 29, 2024
In our latest interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Phoebe Cade Miles, daughter of the renowned inventor Dr. Robert Cade, who revolutionized the sports world with the creation of Gatorade. Phoebe, herself a prominent figure in innovation and education, shared with us the fascinating story behind Gatorade and her father’s impactful legacy.

Innovator Spotlight: Thomas Edison – Florida’s Pioneer in Invention
January 31, 2024
Celebrating the Groundbreakers: Inaugural Class of The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame (2014) – In this special feature, we delve into the legacy of the iconic inventor, Thomas Edison. Inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014, Edison’s contributions extend far beyond his renowned inventions like the lighting system, sound recording, and impact on the movie industry.