Thank you for your interest in nominating a Florida inventor to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. The nomination period is currently closed. Please check back in with us in the fall when we will begin accepting nominations for the 2025 class of Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees.

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame honors and celebrates inventors with a connection to Florida whose achievements have significantly advanced the quality of life for all Americans. Inductees to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame are representative of the strength of Florida innovation; the drive toward the betterment of Florida and society through continuous, groundbreaking discoveries; and the commitment inspiring the next generation of inventors.

For information about the 2024 Induction Ceremony and Gala, visit our Annual Ceremony Page.

Inductees are selected by a diverse committee of experts from Florida and the nation’s innovation, research, and patenting ecosystem.


Nominees must meet the following criteria and demonstrate service in their fields:

  • Must have a connection to Florida (past or present)
  • Must be a named inventor on a patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • The invention(s) should be significant to society as a whole
  • The invention(s) were commercialized, utilized, or led to important innovations
  • Must demonstrate leadership and service in respective field

Nominations can be submitted for inventors who are living or deceased. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame strongly encourages the nomination of inventors from communities that are underrepresented, including women, members of minority groups, and those with disabilities.


Nominators must complete the online form and submit supporting documentation. Nominations are submitted through the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Nomination Portal. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted.

Nomination Requirements and Supporting Documentation

Online Nomination Form:

  • Nominee contact information
  • Major Field of Invention: A brief citation that succinctly summarizes the nominee’s invention and impact (25-word limit)
  • At least one patent number issued to nominee by the US Patent and Trademark Office, plus the total number of nominee’s issued patents, if known.
  • Impact of Invention: A brief description of the impact of the nominee’s invention(s) including societal, economic and how it may have established and/or advanced a field (500-word limit).
  • Advocacy for Innovation, Education, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and/or Service: A brief description of the nominee’s service to advancing innovation, education, diversity, inclusion and/or equity (e.g., work in STEM education; promoting invention education; addressing disparities in society; bringing attention to issues of equity and inclusion; community engagement; etc.) (500-word limit).

Supporting Documentation:

  • Nominee’s biography (for nominee’s biography consider including topics such as current and past positions; achievements, honors and awards; education; number of patents; licensed or commercialized patents (if any); examples of leadership; contributions to society and/or the innovation ecosystem; breakthrough contributions to the field)
  • Nominee’s CV or resume (if none exists, bio may substitute)
  • Nominee’s digital photo (high resolution headshot)
  • One Letter of Nomination (Required): 1-2 page letter from the nominator, including contact information. The letter should clearly demonstrate the impact and significance of the nominee’s invention(s), especially as it relates to the state of Florida and society as a whole. The letter should also indicate the nominee’s link to Florida (e.g., residence, employment, business, retirement, education, military, etc.)
  • One Letter of Support (Required): 1-2 page letter supporting the nomination, including contact information. The letter should clearly demonstrate awareness of the nominee’s invention and impact(s). Optional: two additional letters of support. (Maximum three letters of support).


All completed nomination packages received by the deadline are reviewed by the Selection Committee. The committee will select Inductees based solely on the information provided in the nomination packages. Committee members may not vote on a nominee from their institution. All nomination packages will be kept confidential. Historically 6-8 nominees are selected for induction each year. Nominations will be considered for three consecutive years and may be re-submitted.


Inductee selection will be announced May 1, 2024.

If Nominee is Selected:

  • Nominee must agree to attend the induction ceremony in Tampa, Florida.
  • Nominating institution or inductee agrees to prepare a short (3-5 min) biographical video on the nominee, which will be shown at the induction ceremony, posted on the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame website, and archived with the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

For questions or assistance with the nomination process, contact Lauren Parker by email.