2023 News

Celebrating the Arrival of James Howard: A Catalyst of Innovation Joins the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Advisory Board and Selection Committee

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame is buzzing with excitement following this summer season filled with remarkable achievements and boundless inspiration. As we continue to celebrate the ingenuity and inventive spirit of Floridians, we are thrilled to announce the addition of James Howard, Executive Director of the Black Inventors Hall of Fame, to our esteemed Advisory Board and Selection Committee. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Mr. Howard as he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to further enrich our mission of recognizing and honoring innovation. 

Mr. Howard is a Renaissance professional, with a diverse range of expertise that encompasses lecturing, design history, industrial design, invention, and entrepreneurship. His impressive portfolio boasts over 300 product designs and an astounding track record of 20 patents. Mr. Howard’s relentless pursuit of innovation and his ability to think outside the box have earned him well-deserved recognition and admiration. 

Recently honored with Honorary membership in the National Academy of Inventors, Mr. Howard has been a pivotal figure in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the innovation ecosystem. He has served as a panelist for crucial discussions on these topics, contributing his valuable insights to help shape a more inclusive landscape for inventors. Moreover, his engaging keynote speeches during various USTPO Black History Month symposiums have left audiences captivated, as he shares his wisdom on the transformative power of Design Thinking. 

Under his leadership, the Black Inventors Hall of Fame has been a beacon for invention and innovation in the United States, lighting the way for people to see how crucial diversity is to the innovation ecosystem by recognizing the enduring impacts that Black Inventors have made and will continue to make on this country. His passion for honoring inventors extends further as he plays an integral role on the Board of Directors for the United States Intellectual Property Alliance. Additionally, Mr. Howard’s expertise was instrumental in curating the groundbreaking exhibit, Breaking Barriers, for the National Inventors Hall of Fame, which sheds light on the exceptional accomplishments of Black inventors. 

Education and knowledge dissemination are of paramount importance to Mr. Howard. As the owner and operator of Entrepreneurial U, a specialized private career school of Design Thinking, he imparts his wealth of experience to the next generation of innovators. His course, “Bridge: Exploring New Career Pathways,” equips students with problem-solving skills and guides them towards new opportunities and career pathways. 

With a Master’s and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Mr. Howard’s academic foundation has been the springboard for his illustrious career. In recognition of his significant contributions, he has been honored with the TAGGIE award for his documentary film, The GATHERING, and has co-produced the groundbreaking film, The Great Equalizer, which critically examines fairness in the patent system. 

James Howard’s appointment to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Advisory Board and Selection Committee signifies an important milestone for our organization. His expertise, dedication, and passion for innovation will undoubtedly propel us forward as we continue to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of inventors. 

Join us in congratulating and welcoming James Howard to the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame! Together, we will foster a culture of innovation, honor those who have revolutionized the world with their inventions and inspire the inventors of tomorrow.