Israel Morejon

Israel MorejonIsrael Morejon
Integrated Engineering Technology

27 U.S. Patents

Israel Morejon is president of Integrated Engineering Technology in Tampa and a University of South Florida graduate. A prolific inventor with 29 years of combined experience in the military, medical, consumer, industrial, and Research and Development (R&D) fields, Morejon is most known for inventing state-of-the-art LED lighting technologies and cutting edge HVAC Load Reduction technology. He began his career in the defense industry designing missile guidance and control systems. Then he founded an engineering design and consulting firm, where he developed application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for digital video encoding and compression, universal lighting dimming controllers, hearing aids, kidney dialysis systems, robots, and the core waveguide technology used in speed guns. Morejon later joined a major health care company and designed multi‐platform acute care patient monitoring products. Subsequently, he served as Director of R&D and later Chief Technology Director for a multinational design and manufacturing company, overseeing global product development. Through the years, he created solutions for a diverse group of products including automotive, wireless, storage, computing devices, laptop docking stations, camera modules, PDAs, and smart phones, pioneered the last mile wireless technology and optical tomography cancer systems, and developed an LED Rear Projection TV, LED edge emitting LCD Back Light, and Nano projectors. Afterwards, Morejon founded LEDnovation, Inc., an innovative technology and product company in the emerging solid state lighting market that launched multiple products. He also served as the Chief Technology Officer of enVerid, a company revolutionizing the HVAC field. Morejon is an NAI Fellow and has 27 U.S. patents.