2023 News

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame’s Young Innovators Recognized by Tampa Bay ABC Action News!

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame was honored to welcome Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News out for a story on the inspiring achievements of two Hillsborough County young innovators. Join us in acknowledging Lillian and Mahi, two exceptional minds who garnered national recognition at the prestigious Raytheon Invention Convention National Competition held in Dearborn, Michigan. 

Mahi, with her groundbreaking project titled “Analyzing Lung Cancer Using AI,” showcased the remarkable potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing healthcare. Her dedicated efforts have paved the way for more accurate diagnoses of lung cancer, offering hope for improved treatment outcomes. 

Lillian, on the other hand, introduced the world to “Dermadough,” a hypoallergenic slime she designed specifically for individuals with sensitive skin conditions. Lillian’s inventive creation not only brings joy to countless individuals but it’s astonishing to think that she is just a 4th grader, as her inventive genius and empathetic approach have set a new standard of inclusivity and safety in playtime activities. 

We invite you to watch the news segment featuring Lillian and Mahi on ABC Action News. The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame takes immense pride in these exceptional young innovators who have not only received the USF – Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Top Innovator Award but also represented our state on a national platform. Their passion, creativity, and dedication are not only shaping the landscape of invention but also inspiring countless others, especially girls and women, to dream big and pursue their own inventive journeys. We firmly believe that they are destined to become future inductees of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame! 

Through our IGNITE program, we strive to inspire more young minds to embrace their creativity and make a positive impact on our world. The success of Lillian and Mahi serves as a shining example of the incredible potential that lies within our youth. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued partners, the Tampa Bay STEM Network and Hillsborough County Public Schools, for their unwavering support in nurturing and empowering young innovators like Mahi and Lillian.